Customer Testimonials

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Wonderful people and amazing dogs! They will bring you peace of mind to know that your house is clear or they will help you pinpoint what area of your home is problematic. Highly recommend these great people.

Trina Baker

What a peace of mind they brought to me! I am ever so grateful for the service they provide and encourage anyone who even thinks you have bed bugs, call them immediately!

M.P., home owner

Just had an inspection for a new apartment, very pleased. Not only am I bed bug free, but the inspector was extremely thorough and confirmed the first inspection with a secondary sweep with a different dog. Big thanks to the Bed Bugs Uncovered team!


The Iverson’s company was recommended to us as a resource to help determine whether or not we had a problem. They greatly exceeded all our expectations! The dogs found a very, very small problem (two miniature eggs that were hidden from view behind a couch), which kept it from becoming a larger issue. After watching the dogs work, we happily recommended them to several other people. The dogs are beautiful and exceptionally well trained – amazing! Steve helped us to learn more about the bugs and their behavior. He and the dogs were able to give us peace of mind, and saved us a lot of money and work by pointing out a potential issue. We highly recommend them because of their outstanding results and professionalism!

Victor Merchant

I had Trish do an inspection for bed bugs on one of my units so I could have the peace of mind knowing that when I got a new renter that I could say with confidence that the unit was bed bug free. She did the inspection with three different dogs and all three came up without an alert. It is good to be able to tell a new tenant that the unit is certified bed bug free and that if they come up with bed bugs, they are the ones responsible and will be liable for the eradication of the bed bugs. Thanks Trish for the peace of mind! If you are a landlord, I would strongly recommend that you check with Trish at Bedbugs Uncovered to schedule regular inspections for peace of mind for yourself and your tenants.

Gene Peterson, Landlord

I am a landlord and I had the pleasure to hire Mr. Steve and his K-9 to inspect my mobile home. I did it because I heard of the good job they perform and to have peace of mind knowing that my next tenants will live in a clean and pest free environment. I am very happy with the work they did for me. It was done very professionally and I STRONGLY RECOMMEND THEM AND BED BUGS UNCOVERED FOR YOUR NEXT INSPECTION OF ANY KIND… THANKS

Martha Carreto, Landlord


Bed Bugs Uncovered is a K-9 Detection Service that serves the Oklahoma, Kansas, Northwest Arkansas, and North Texas.

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