Who Are We? We are Family

Family Owned, Family Operated, Family-Centric

Our Mission

Provide customers peace of mind through education and expedient, meticulous inspections with unparalleled customer service.

Our Values

At Bed Bugs Uncovered, our canines are family. We only use ethical procurement, professional healthcare, and ensure the highest quality of life for all of our dogs.

We believe our customers deserve the best, so we maintain the highest standards in everything we do.

Customer wellbeing is a top priority. We work with each customer, individually, to address and assess each unique situation to provide the best treatment recommendation.

Our History

Started as a small operation in Iowa, Bed Bugs Uncovered struggled to gain traction against the fight with bed bugs. Bed bug infestations were a relatively new problem and the populace was unaware of the severity of bed bug infestations. Bed Bugs Uncovered never gave up and grew through tireless efforts in educating and demonstrating the impressiveness of our dogs. Bed Bugs Uncovered has now become the regional leader in bed bug detection for Oklahoma, Kansas, Northwest Arkansas, and North Texas. Our success is attributed to our dedication to our mission and our devotion to our values. Our process has proven extremely effective and outperforms competitors. We strictly adhere to the highest standards to ensure our teams will effectively detect bed bugs in any environment.

Our Dogs

GSD Rescue

We serve as a GSD (German Shepherd Dog) Rescue for high-drive working dogs.

Qualifications: Must have immense ball drive and be very social and mentally sound.

We realize there are some great dogs out there that might not make the cut for competition but need to have a job for exercise, satisfaction and self worth.

Candidates will go through a strict screening process.

We know there are some great working dogs who just need a job and will not be content to just be pets. Please contact us if you are aware of such a dog.


Bed Bugs Uncovered is a K-9 Detection Service that serves the Oklahoma, Kansas, Northwest Arkansas, and North Texas.

Have a question?

Send us a message about any questions you may have about bed bugs, where or how we operate, or if you have a special request.