Why You Need Us

Studies show K-9 detection of bed bugs and viable eggs is 95% accurate, while visual inspections – even by trained pest management professionals – are only 17-30% accurate.

We are not a pest control company. We aren’t selling treatment services. So, there is no incentive to find bed bugs that aren’t there.

We find bed bugs, if they are there to be found. Then a pest control company, of your choice, can get rid of them. Following treatment, we will come back and confirm the bed bugs are gone.

The Dogs Make All the Difference

Dogs have been used very effectively for the detection of a wide variety of things which include but are not limited to drugs, bombs, fugitives, cadavers, mold, and termites, to name a few. So why not bed bugs? 

A highly trained dog’s nose is more reliable (upwards of 95%) and unbiased than any human being. Even the most highly trained professional bed bug inspector is limited by his eyesight and is only able to visibly detect bedbugs with about 30% accuracy. For this reason, it is impossible for a human to detect and remove bed bug infestations behind walls and under flooring, baseboards and carpets, etc.

​On the other hand, a canine inspection increases the detection of bed bugs with up to 95% accuracy! This eliminates the need for invasive searches or tearing up your home or office.


Residential Inspections

Homes (Three bedrooms, up to 2500 sqft)$180 (+$25 per additional room)
1 Bedroom Apartments$125
2 Bedroom Apartments $150
Mobile Home/ RV$125

Business Inspections

Business Space$100 per 1000 sqft
Per Room/ Dorm $10

Go Proactive!

Have a lot of foot traffic? Lots of employees or customers sitting, laying, or staying?

We offer proactive inspection programs where we will conduct regularly scheduled inspections for your business at special rates.

Please call us to find out how going Proactive can benefit your business!


Bed Bugs Uncovered is a K-9 Detection Service that serves the Oklahoma, Kansas, Northwest Arkansas, and North Texas.

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